Saturday, November 3, 2018

A return to blogging from the Swiss Alps

After a year-long hiatus from this blog due to coaching and writing articles on personal development and leadership, I am back and happy to entertain you again with musings from the Swiss Alps.

As I write you from Gstaad, the leaves have turned yellow and orange and are falling off the branches, and the temperatures hover near freezing. Some apples still hang on their branches, ready for the first freeze. For about two weeks in October, the neighbor’s cows grazed on our land, and last weekend, they moved to a different property offering fresher grass. Pretty soon, the snow will come and they will remain in their barns.

Fritzli, our new mini Schnauzer, is adorable and demanding lots of attention. He’s learning to come, sit and fetch. I am trying to teach him not to jump up on people, but he can’t help it, being so sociable and excited. He also has a disgusting attraction to cow poop. I have to clean off his feet every time he comes in after his ballads in the fields. And of course, he is exhibiting a strong Napoleonic complex when interacting with our neighbor's cows.

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