Wednesday, August 21, 2019

50 things I learned from Swiss alpine folk

  1. they are trusting

  2. they enjoy sunrises and sunsets

  3. they are on-time

  4. they are frugal

  5. they recycle (sort their own recyclables)

  6. they eat hot lunches (cooked by their Hausfraus or local restaurant)

  7. they can be sexist

  8. they struggle with customer service

  9. they love to shake hands

  10. they are humble

  11. they are organized

  12. they care about table manners

  13. they believe in self-responsibility

  14. they are silent avoiding trifling conversation

  15. they take (at least) an hour off for lunch, starting at 12 o'clock noon (sharp)

  16. they plan to get together ahead of time

  17. they exhibit honesty

  18. they are industrious

  19. they can't stand waste

  20. they can delay gratification

  21. they exhibit forbearance

  22. they buy quality stuff

  23. they take care of their possessions

  24. they repair their possessions

  25. they work long hours, starting at 7 a.m. and often ending at 6 p.m. or later

  26. they discipline their kids (some still use the slap)

  27. they are not litigious

  28. they don't helicopter parent

  29. they are fit but don't diet

  30. they don't eat fat-free or sugar free

  31. they move a lot

  32. they grow their own vegetables

  33. they make their own jam

  34. they enjoy the outdoors

  35. they are tough, going outside in all kinds of weather

  36. they walk a lot

  37. they set and maintain boundaries

  38. they are resistant to change

  39. they are methodical (they think through each issue thoroughly)

  40. they are family-minded

  41. they are judgmental

  42. they are closed-minded

  43. they are opportunistic

  44. they love money

  45. they can be religious

  46. they can be xenophobic/homophobic

  47. they are not showy

  48. they don't show emotions

  49. they don't express feelings

  50. they are practical

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